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About Vignettes Learning

Vignettes Learning company is an elearning and technology services company. Vignettes Learning assists clients to develop and convert content to online learning, implement Learning Management Systems and learning platforms, and hosts the programs through Vignettes Learning ‘s secure web servers. The company is the creator of award winning software and services; to name a few, "TrainingPayback.com" (now vftnworks.com) system to help people learn and connect, 3Minute eLearning Games, Stories2Learn.com, LMSSimplify. Vignettes Learning also delivers unique hands-on elearning workshops for instructional designers, trainers, managers and executives.

Started in 1996, Vignettes Learning, initially provided their clients with short and interactive stories called Vignettes. Vignettes or story telling is at the heart of Vignettes Learning’s instructional philosophy. It believes that elearning programs are best learned through small, interactive, easy to use and relevant vignettes or micro-scenarios. In 2004, Vignettes Learning accumulated a library of over 300 vignettes, interactive exercises, presentations, slideshows and downloads.

To respond to client needs, Vignettes Learning developed the eLearning Architect®, a proprietary web-based Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Performance System (LPS), Web 2.0 and Social Networking, and a Collaboration software. True to its philosophy of providing interactive learning experience for learners and online communities, the Vignettes Learning LMS and LPS go beyond tracking online and classroom participation and web-based knowledge web sites. They provide features that allow high interaction between online community members, managers and participants in coaching, action planning, feedback, surveys, assessments, on-the-job training, and certification.

The most recent addition to Vignettes Learning technologies is vftnetworks. This uniquely structured system helps organizations grow their own online communities and social networking opportunities.

For the learning and training industry, vftnetworks enhances learning through tools like coaching, learning impacts, instant publishing and Best of Breed Learning libraries.

In the media and publishing fields and in other industries, vftnetworks assists in building profit-oriented social learning communities. The system allows companies to sponsor webinars, directories, voting and awards, best practices services and others.

Vignettes Learning’s list of clients includes the following organizations.

Alaska Airlines
Aramark Uniform Services
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Boeing Company
Booz Allen Hamilton
British Aerospace
Burger King
California State Polytechnic University
Caltex Petroleum
Caterpillar Tractors
Chevron, U.S.A.
Chipotle Restaurants
Countrywide Home Loans
Department of the Treasury
E.I. DuPont
Environmental Protection Agency
Ernst & Young
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Flexo Printing
Full Spectrum Lending
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
IBM Corporation
International Harvester
J.C. Penny
Kaiser Medical Center
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Martin Marietta
McDonalds Corporation
Michigan Department of Social Services
Moore Business Forms
National Weather Service
Oakwood University
Pitney Bowes
Pixar Studios
Prudential Insurance
Psychological Associates
Rockwell International
Ryland Homes
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Commerce
University of Minnesota
Sherwin Williams Company
State of California
State of Oregon
Virginia Credit Union
Westinghouse Electric
and many more...


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