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Management Team

William Hawkins
Member, Board of Advisors
Mr. Hawkins is a banker, investment consultant and top executive management consultant. Mr. Hawkins is CEO of California General Bank. He was President of IndyMac Bank Retail Banking Division and Vice President with Washington Mutual. He was a Board Member of Bank of America Investments and other financial institutions.

Alexander Hansen
Member, Board of Advisors
Mr. Hensen is a financial and business technology consultant. He was formerly the Chief Financial Officer of the leading learning company Internal External Consultants (IEC) and an operations executive for J. Walter Thompson. Mr. Hansen is a partner with Tatum Partners, LLP, a leading strategic management consulting company with over 300 offices globally.

Roman Tusaon, Ph.D.
Member, Board of Advisors
Dr. Tuason is an international management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He was a professor at Renselaer Polytechnic Institute and Harvard Business School. Dr. Tuason is listed in “Who’s Who in Computer Science.”

Ray E. Jimenez, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Architect
Dr. Jimenez has been in the learning industry for over 25 years. He is an international consultant and author on e-Learning systems and instructional development. Dr. Jimenez worked Top Fortune 500 companies and medium size organizations - including Cisco, Microsoft, Boeing, Countrywide Home Loans, Dollar Tree Stores and others.

Marisu Jimenez
Chief Financial Officer and Head of Administration
Ms. Jimenez oversees VFT’s finance and administration functions. She also serves currently as General Manager for the Athenaeum, California Institute of Technology

Vikram Singh
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Singh oversees the architecture, software and product development for VFT. Mr. Singh led several enterprise-wide software developments involving e-commerce, procurement, performance management, Human Resources systems and sales tracking systems. He worked on projects with NASA, Boeing, Microsoft, U.S Air Force and others.

Rafael Santo Tomas
Chief Implementation Officer
Mr. Santo Tomas oversees project implementation and client experience management. Mr. Santo Tomas has worked for Citibank Software Division for over 15 years. He has implemented several e-Learning Management and Performance Systems in companies like Aramark, American Bankers Association, Ryland Homes and many others.

Gary VanAntwerp
Chief Implementation Officer – Online Communities
Mr. VanAntwerp is a expert in the implementation of social learning communities. He supports the partnership efforts with TrainingMagNetwork.com, Smmconnect.com, Plannersconnect.com and many other social learning and for profit one communities.


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