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Learning Performance System

VFT’s LPS is an integrated web-based application that supports organizations in focusing their people development programs into accountable and measurable outcomes.

LPS has seven sub-systems:

  1. Metrics Driven e-Learning
  2. Performance Support Tools
  3. Coaching for Results
  4. Performance Targeting
  5. Messaging and Alerts
  6. Learning Management System
  7. Learner Driven Program
  8. Classroom Training Support
  9. Program Budgeting Tool
  10. Collaboration and Project Planning

Metrics Driven e-Learning – is an LPS sub-system that enables managers, team leaders and executives to correlate the performance of training programs, coaching sessions, and learning projects with actual on the job performance standards, i.e. sales quota, customer feedback, performance appraisals, and project outcomes. The system helps organizations close the gap between people development programs and activities into performance accountability and measurable outcomes. Metrics Driven e-Learning helps managers and executives draw data by which they correlate training with specific performance metrics, on-the-job tasks, and results.


Performance Support Tool
– is an on-the-job performance tool. It allows learners and participants to search and bookmark detailed pages of the entire list of programs and curriculum. It also allows learners to send email with the URL or web address of the specific page to peers, customers, and other team members. The tool allows learners to rank all content in terms of relevance. This information is stored and presented to the learners in an easy way to help them identify subjects that are of high value in on-the-job performance.

Coaching for Results – is a goal setting, application, and accountability tracking system. The system enables managers, participants and team members to submit commitments, goals, and action items, update progress of these goals and action items, document exchange and communication between managers and direct reports, and submit completion of goals and actions. Managers are able to approve or require modification of goals, rate goals and make an assessment on the value of the project performance. The reports enable managers to demonstrate quantifiable outcomes from training, projects, e-learning and classroom sessions, and mentoring and coaching sessions.

Performance Targeting – aids organizations in establishing performance strategies and determining gaps through a system of organizational assessments, surveys and feedback research. The system provides an easy method of constructing questionnaires, assigning multiple responders, providing access to secure servers, compiling statistical reports, tracking of progress of the survey completions.

Messaging and Alerts – is a component of the LPS that enables team members, participants and managers to send messages and alerts as triggered with timelines, early warnings, notifications and reminders. The system is ideal for ensuring that participants and managers are reminded of re-certifications, training schedule compliance, delayed or overdue training or coaching sessions, and others.

Learning Management System (LMS) – is a full-featured learning management system (LMS) that enables organizations to construct and publish online learning programs, register participants, assign curricula, set-up training schedules and alerts, build pre- and post- tests and multiple methods of reviews, tests and evaluations. The LMS provides an advance randomized certification function, as well as extensive reporting on learning performance and certification. The LMS is scalable for use in small operations to over 100,000 participants with complex systems design and integration.

Learner Driven Program (Informal and Personalized Learning) – is a capability in the LPS that encourages learners to plan, develop, submit for approval, and obtain credits for self-directed independent studies. This allows recording of learning projects and initiatives solely designed by the learner and may not be provided by the organization, i.e. readings, field trips, software explorations, special discussion groups, on-the-job-training and many others outside the typical scope of company provided curricula.

Classroom Training Support – this system is a blended support to set up class registration, instructor and classroom assignments, reservation, and publishing schedule of classroom training. The system provides online assessment and evaluation and allows trainers to complete participant assessment.

Program Budgeting Tool – is a function that allows managers, administrators and content developers to set budgets and track returns and usage of programs. This helps them identify the frequency of use and the number of users which are the break-even point calculations for investments in learning programs.

Collaboration and Project Planning – is a sub-system that allows project team members to have a central communication venue to share data, conduct threaded conversations, and track issues for action. The system is also a production planning tool where team members can submit plans and timelines, resource allocations, schedule work and staff, update progress, and view multiple statistical and Gantt reports.

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